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Blow, Blow, POP!

There are many things you can do with a balloon and some air. Balloon Modelling is an art form that fascinates people of all ages, especially the children. The best thing about it is that the children get to take home a balloon model to keep and play with. 

There are loads of different things that can be created from little dogs and other animals to funky hats, swords, flowers and bracelets.  

Ideal to walk around fetes and fairs and its a great extra for  any kids party. You could add it to one of my other services as the "icing on the cake"


If you just wanted balloon models to give away at a party or event, I can make them in advance and deliver them for you to hand out. Contact me for prices.

The party packages contains a special model being made for the birthday child and then everyone gets a pre made balloon model.


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