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You're a winner!!

Games are a great source of entertainment for the children. It keeps their minds active and engaged in the party. The games are designed to be played all together or as teams. This makes sure that everyone feels fully involved. All the games include the children all the time. The classic " you're out" games have been tweeked so there is never anyone sitting on the sidelines. I have a selection of games that are perfect for children's parties. The games are designed to be entertaining and fun to play. They also make sure the children don’t get over excited and hard to control which is a must when dealing with large numbers of little people!!


It's music and dancing all the way with all the classic party games such as musical statues and musical bumps. The games do have a twist though which makes them a little more interesting than the originals. We begin with a warm up game and then its competition time as the kids play to win prizes! The birthday child is the main winner though, wining the best prize in Pass the Parcel!  The games are age appropriate and I have designed games depending on the age group of the children. For older kids, I have team games up my sleeve which makes things alittle more challenging and engaging for them.



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