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Pre-School Package 
1 hour session - suitable for  under 4's

This package is just long enough for the little ones.


Included is a magic show suitable for this age range using bright and easy to follow magic routines.


The games are easy to understand and play and every child gets a balloon model at the end of the session. 

1 hour standard party package
1 hour session - suitable for ages 4 and over

This package includes a mixture of magic, games, and a balloon model for every child at the end of the session. 


The magic show and games used are tweeked depending on the age of the majority of the children attending to make sure they are engaged throughout. 


magic new 3_edited.jpg

2 hour standard party package
2 hour session - suitable for age 4 and over

This is is ultimate in party entertaining!  Music is playing in the background to start the party atmosphere going while everyone is arriving.

Once everyone is there, we begin with a spectacular magic show full of mystery, giggles, and give aways. This is a longer show than the 1 hour package. 

We then break for food and play happy birthday music when the cake arrives.


The final half of the party is full on music, games, and prizes. We play more games than the 1 hour session and is age appropriate.

Walk about Magic and Balloons
Suitable for:- Fetes, Weddings, Christenings, 
Parties & Celebrations, All age groups

If you have an event that is not so structured, but you still need someone to keep the little ones entertained, then this is the option for you.

Magic mysteries that are easy to follow are done close up and they don't need a big stage!

Also with my bag of balloons and pump, the children can have something and made in front of their eyes and keep. This is ideal for mix and mingle situations and is suitable for smaller groups of children that are not in one place at the same time.

goodide bag!.JPG

Goodie Bags!

These are also a must at any children's party and to take the hassle out of buying all the stuff and preparing them yourself, I can provide them already made up and probably do them for a lot cheaper as I buy them wholesale.

You only pay for how many you need on the day as well, which means you can save by not overbuying and having leftovers. 

They are crammed with the following, leaving just enough room for a piece of cake!


Box of crayons, a picture to colour in, Sweets, Toy, & a party blowout! ( the kids go mental for these! )


Bag design and items can change depending on stock, but will include the above. 

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