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Lookin' Good!


Children love having their faces painted. Make believe is very popular at an early age and a decorated face can make their imagination come to life. They can become a lion or a tiger. Maybe a princess, a snow queen, or something really scary like a witch or a ghost with loads of different designs to choose from, the kids are spoilt for choice! You can see the designs on this page and it does not stop there.


If the children have any specific ideas then these could be used as well. This service is also ideal for theme parties. All paints are water based so they should not cause any irritations and are easy to remove at homen. Perfect for fetes, charity events, weddings, fundays and a perfect addition to kids parties. 

Pirate Face.jpg

​Please note that when face painting at birthday parties, I can only give my attention to one child at a time so, from experience, I would recommend having some other form of entertainment going on at the same time to keep the other kids occupied or there is a risk of them running riot!! Face painting does also take about 3-4 minutes per face ( full face ) so it cannot be guaranteed all children would be able to have this done at some parties, especially with a high number attending and the time limits of the party. (though you could add extra time on top of the standard package time to incorporate this if needed ).


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